Two religions on one pillow in India


Reportage of an interfaith wedding in India (she a Hindu, he a Sikh)

Mumbai (India) – 25 January 2018

He looks tremendous, with his turban, beard and twinkling black eyes. And then that sword he carries. The association with a Danish cartoon is easily made. Yet there isn’t a spark of evil on his mind, certainly not today, on his wedding day – hence of course his twinkling gaze. Jaidev Singh Anand (28) is about to marry Anuradha Suvarna (28). He is a Sikh and she is a Hindu. And although this is India: this isn’t (no way!) an arranged marriage – they know each other from the school benches and have been a couple for years. And today they ratify their love in a ‘joyous ceremony’ in a Sikh temple in Mumbai. Lees verder